Carol Mann, President of FemAid, visiting a class
of the school FemAid supports in Rawalpindi .

FEMAID 'S ACHIEVEMENTS from 2001 to 2011 (in chronological order)




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LINKING UP WITH Requip price us, our sister association


FEMAID: UN BILAN (V.F. voir plus bas)

Since late 1999, first as a website, and then as a registered charity in Paris from July 2001 onwards, we at FemAid have been working with groups including RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan), an independent secular women's group based in Afghanistan and Pakistan committed to equal rights and democracy. In view of the wretched poverty and systematic oppression of women within Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have also, from time to time, attempted other projects with local groups equally working for women and children.
Through Internet solidarity, we have been able to achieve a number of things. We have decided to concentrate on specific projects to which we can bring regular and continuous support, rather then spreading aid out which tends to be inconsistent. We have opened bank accounts in € Euros, US$ and £Sterling. Our projects change and evolve: for instance, for two years, we had an emergency refugee project to help refugees after the US bombings after 9/11, which we have now stopped in favour of medical aid. Likewise, we helped schools for Afghan refugees in Rawalpindi until these closed and the teachers and pupils returned to their home country. Funding is the major issue: after 9/11 donors for Afghan causes were far more generous than they are now as other pressing issues fill the head-lines. By 2005, our funding has sunk and we have had to gradualy cut back on our projects to work on those we hope to maintain on a year to eighteen-month basis We consider that the help we bring is not only financial- there is the logistical help and expertise in fields concerning aid, organisation and problem analysis we can bring and also the emotional involvement with these great young people and their families we have known and been following for all these years.

Our achievements, compared to large NGOs are modest, (we are indeed a tiny outfit) but at least they are consistent...

For details on the way we work, our ethics and the problems we encounter, please go straight to our illustrated Drugstore eyeliner gel written during each trip. They are at the core of FemAid's attitudes and work..

In Afghanistan, FemAid has been supporting several of RAWA’s projects, including underground schools for women and girls in Taliban times, when teachers risked their lives. These courses are still going on because there are n’t enough school for girls and any kind of secular teaching is illegal in this country where some 90% of women are illiterate.

In Pakistan, RAWA has established schools, orphanages, dispensaries for desperately poor Afghan refugees otherwise deprived of any real assistance from the Pakistani authorities which in itself has been overwhelmed by the presence of three million refugees.

We started an appeal for refugees.

Until 2004, we supported two schools in Pakistan who cater for Afghan refugees and also organize literacy classes for adult women.We paid costs linked to running the school, teachers' salaries, books and school supplies. Now these have closed down and most of the pupils and teachers have returned to Afghanistan, we have since contributed to the girls' school in Khewa refugee camp. We have regularly visited them to check how things are going.

We have provided refrigerators, washing machines and televisions/VCR to all the orphanages and we have set aside a budget for board games and regular birthday parties held in every orphanage

Since 2002, FemAid has been supporting a RAWA-run orphanage for Afghan children and teenagers in Peshawar in Pakistan and paying costs linked to its running, including regular medical check-ups . In fact this orphanage is called the 'Sitara orphanage' after its main benefactor and RAWA/Femaid supporter, British designer Stella Mc Cartney (as 'Sitara' means star/Stella in Persian). Stella held a sale of hand-made tee shirts and dresses at the Thaddeus Ropac gallery in Paris in support of RAWA.

From 2005, we are switching to supporting vocational courses in this and other orphanages (see below).

After 25 years in exile, some three million refugees have returned from Iran and Pakistan, despite the totally unstable and dangerous situation in Afghanistan, especially outside Kabul. UNHCR and the Pakistani authorities have been instrumental in pressurizing frequently reticent refugees homewards, but it has to be said that the living conditions of the Pakistani region (NWFP) where most refugee camps are situated are desperate for all. Money from world powers is spent on lavish military projects on the border, not on the poor, be they Afghan or Pakistani. Yet the UNHCR-sponsored March 2005 census shows that nearly three milllion refugees remain in Pakistan, with I.8 million in the NWFP refugee camps. Whatever the conditions, they are still deemed to be safer than those in Afghanistan
It is likely that many of the orphans we have been helping will be going back to uncles and aunts, in remote villages in a not too distant future, though one part will stay indefinitely. This is why, we decided to sponsor vocational training: wood work for boys and tailoring for girls. We are hoping that they will be able to achieve some kind of economic independence this way. This course has been running since January, through your help and sponsorship.It has become the main project for one US company which sells cuddly baby blankets.
The first course ran from January until late August 2004. If donations allow it, we hope to pursue these courses and buy each girl a manual sewing machine for her to take home. In September 2005, another such course in woodwork and dressmaking will be held in another RAWA orphanage in Peshawar and Sitara children will be getting an English tutor, and a complete English course, with books and films, all sponsored by FemAid

We have also launched a project to sponsor individual gifted students. Since September we have been helping Haroon, a refugee from Kabul to study for his 'A' levels at the prestigious Beacon House School and we are helping four girls Najia, Feryal, Salima and Mashkan living in Kabul: what we send them helps them to pay for books and transport to school. We are continuing our yearly sponsorship of girls in the Hatoon-e-Fatima School in Islamabad.

2005's main project was the launching of a midwife course in the refugee camp we had been active in for the past four years. This was some basic training to women who attend births in Afghanistan where the maternal mortality is the highest in the world. This course should help returnees, upon returning to their villages, to share their knowledge and generate an income for themselves. The first course lasted 6 months and train 60 women and started in September

Further such cpourses were sponsored from 2208 to the present day.

And inside Afghanistan:

From 2000- 2010, FemAid has continued to support teachers in Afghanistan

A convoy of medical material and baby clothes and was successfully sent in November 2003 and distributed by our contact Dr Malu Hamidi to the newly-reopened Rabia Balkhi hospital and various other groups

In March 2005, we brought some medical equipment, baby clothes included 25 outfits hand-knitted by two lovely French donors to Kabul part of which will be distributed in Farah.

We have committed to helping four girls Najia, Feryal, Salima and Mashkan living in Kabul: what we send them helps them to pay for books and transport to school. Mashkan is being supported in the memory of our friend, Nevena Doppia who died in spring 2005 at the age of fifteen. She certainly would have been one of FemAid most creative and forthright activists.

Help for Pakistan

Pakistan being a desperately poor country, we felt it was not fair to channel aid exclusively to refugees living on their territory.

We also support three girls in the Hatoon-e-Fatima school in Islamabad, belonging to the Christian community, amongst the poorest inhabitants of Pakistan (apart from the Afghan refugees). The girls live in the appalling French Colony slum. This is an ongoing renewable project.

In 2003 , we worked on projects with NAWA, Northern Areas Women Association, a Pakistani group helping women and children in the empoverished Hunza area. .

In June, the indomitable Sadie from Cornwall organized another spectacular air lift of schools supplies, toiletries, clothes to Pakistan carefully bought, collected and packed. The most generous donor has been Jane Leister from London. Over 500 kg of first -class goods will be sent to NAWA and RAWA, to be shared equally between Afghan children and Pakistani children from the hard-hit Gilgit area.

FemAid has launched an aid programme for Pakistani as well as Afghan children. In the frontier regions, the situation is pratically as miserable in villages as in refugee camps. One of the errors of humanitarian aid has been to help the refugees only, which has provoked enduring animosity from the local population- even though they are all Pashtuns. We sent a convoy (26 cases sent by boat) of school supplies in village schools in the NWFP area of the PARD group (Pakistani Academy for Rural development). This FemAid convoy (26 cases sent by boat) was put together and sent by our ever-faithful supporter Sadie from Cornwall. We hope to be able to sponsor PARD teachers for girls in the same way we have sponsored Afghan teachers. A number of the boxes were also sent to the orphanage

An additional exciting project for 2005

Infant and maternal mortality are a priority for FemAid. We have been asked for help by two maternity hospitals, one in Algeria and the other in Bosnia. In May 2005, we sent surgical material to a Maternity Hospital in Tizi-Ozou and in October we shall help furnish and equip a maternity ward in Tuzla, catering mainly to the refugee population


Since the earthquake, we have been sponsoring the studies of two refugee children from Kashmir presently living in Islamabad.


All this has been possible through help generously given to us by supporters world-wide. We are not government sponsored and depend on individual generosity. We keep in touch with each supporter, send information and photographs where requested. And we have had wonderful help from individual contributors from France, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, U.K., Germany, Austria, U.S.A. Canada

We have given interviews to newspapers, radio, TV from France, Finland, Slovenia as well as contributed to forums and meetings in Paris, Brussels, Washington DC and New York.

And this has helped to make our causes better known...

We have wonderful and imaginative donors world-wide:

One donor from the US gave us a great number of kites which we brought over and distributed to two orphanages- a wonderful achievement, as kite-flying had been banned by the Taliban.

A number of church groups in the US have shown breathtaking generosity in supporting teachers.

A jazz musician supporter in the US gave a concert for his 40th birthday and sent us the proceeds!

A football match by valiant supporters (on both teams!) was held in Britain who sent us the proceeds

Schools in France( in the Bordeaux area, in particular) and a support group in Totness (UK) worked hard to get important amounts of school supplies together which we brought to Pakistan.

In autumn of 2001, a major donor, the Catherine Collective in Toronto was particularly generous in helping the orphanages and schools. This great group remains our relay in Canada

Specific support groups have sprung up to help individual schools, such as the Utak in Denmark, dedicated to helping the Mariam school.

In January 2002, the British fashion designer Stella Mc Cartney has made an extremely generous donation to the RAWA orphanage we support, through sales of exclusive signed and numbered tee-shirts.

In January 2003, we brought medical aid to the RAWA hospital in Quetta (Baluchistan, by the Afghan frontier), with the help of our Canadian supporters . We started an experimental project to train midwives in the area.

At the end of 2002, Sadie Brinham from St Austell in Cornwall, collected and filled 150 shoes boxes for Afghan orphans, with all kinds of necessities from school supplies to toothbrushes, toys and letters as New Year's presents for them. After a lot of problems with Karachi customs but with the help and saving grace from DHL in Peshawar, we delivered the boxes on January 22nd 2003, much to the amazement and delight of the children. Sadie plans more such ventures

Xmas/Chanukah sales of Afghan and ethnic jewellery and crafts in Paris, Brussels and New-York since 2003 have brought a lot of interest as well as funds. Some of these Afghan handicrafts, are made in the refugee camp run by RAWA.

We have launched a multi-ethnic crafts- project 'Bijoux Barbares', based in Sarajevo where one-time refugees Hanifa and Marija have been restoring and recreating ethnic jewellery using antique beads and stones from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Ghana exclusively for FemAid, to be sold by mail order and charity sales.

We have managed all our projects for 2004 and 2005 thanks to international solidarity: the indomitable Totness group in the UK has organized games evenings and book sales, the latest of which took place in August 2005. Carol Mark organized an exhibition and sale in her art gallery in Toronto, Margaret sells baby blankets to help the orphanage, Lucinda also in Toronto chose FemAid as the charity her company decided to help this year, Hélène and Claude in France scoured hospitals and dispensaries for medical equipment, Arlette and her Maman in Paris knitted gorgeous baby outfits, Sadie has been aiding and funding convoys as well as creating the slide shows for this site, Marija and Hanifa in Sarajevo have been designing and making creative jewellery which we have sold, along with ethnic Afghan pieces at holiday season sales in the spring and winter, Louise in New York and Emmanuelle in Paris have lent us their homes for charity sales in Paris, Juan Pradas ran a marathon race across the Sahara to support FemAid, Kouka and Andreas have sorted out accounts and now Jeffrey, a generous lawyer in New-York is helping us get registered as a charity in the US

A particularly enterprising FemAid supporter in New-York , Sacha aged 16 ran her very own site,, until college took up all her time. In Spring 2005, Amanda a brave 11 year old from Munich in Germany with a heart of gold raised money by selling her drawings to help the orphans of the Sitara orphanage. She has, since then become their hero- the children were particularly moved by the fact that someone their age at the other end of the world was feeling so strongly about them.


'ONE WOMAN'S WARS' IN TORONTO CANADA SEPTEMBER 2005. This fundraising exhibition was held to commemorate the 4th anniversary of 9/11 and is now for rent (see section on the show)

'AFGHANES' in Malakoff, Paris, from March 2nd to March 21st 2007 presented photographs of Afghan women taken in refugee camps, Kabul, Herat and Farah

Exposition de photos FemAid la MDCVA ( Maison des citoyens et de la vie associative) Fontenay sous Bois
from the 26th march to April 2nd 2008



In 2006, we launched the project to build a youth library in Afghanistan, designed for boys and especially girls returned from Pakistan. Our partner is Malalai Joya, the parlementary representative in Farah. After a fact-finding mission in Farah, Afghanistan, near the Iranian border (June 2006), we have found a building that could house this unique and essential project, along with a play centre for young children: more details in the section devoted to this on our site.

The trip in May 2008

In May 2008, after a trip to Afghanistan, the project for the Library has somewhat changed in view of the fact the American PRT is building a Civic centre in Farah which will contain a library. With our friend and associate Carol Mark in Toronto, we are looking after books and furnishings. I taught a course on ‘Women at War’ at the new Gender Studies Institute at Kabul university, researched maternal mortality (still one of the worst in the world) and am starting work on a programme trying to limit this catastrophe.

The trip to Iran in April-May 2009 and Afghanistan, November 2009

In order to purchase Persian language books for children and women as well as toys, i travelled to Iran and to Mashad, 60 km from the Afghan frontier to buy books and toys and organize a convoy to Farah.
Because of the reticence of local populations to use the civic building erected by the American PRT (especially after the bombings in the Farah region and the ensuing collateral disaster), we decided to set up a centre for women and children in Farah. This was opened in May 2009 and includes a library, courses for women, an Early Learning Centre. We are henceforth working with HOLD, a grassroots charity based in Kabul and Farah.

Since 2010, as well as continuing to sponsor projects in Afghanistan, we are working in the Congo (DRC)

Ongoing Projects include:

- self-defence classes for girls, especially in areas where rape is prevalent

- building a women's WC at the University of Kisangani

- starting a gender library for the sociology departement at the University of Kisangani

- laying the basis for the first Gender Studies Centre in the DRC at the University of Kisangani, with the CERESPAN

- scholarships for girls at the university of Kisangani

-ecological projects with Ecoboyoma



Click here to check out our missions from 2001-2011

See photos taken during these trips



And concurrently, some of our founder members look after an NGO working in Bosnia:

Enfants de Bosnie

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Operates in the Sarajevo area since 1994 but has recently extended its activities to central Bosnia.

This was started as a joint effort between women in Paris and in Dobrinja, a particularly hard-hit neighbourhood of Sarajevo. The aim was the furthering of education in this war zone and lead to the rebuilding of the Skender Kulenovic primary school, inaugurated in February 1999. Since then, smaller projects have been undertaken to tackle specific problems or create exchanges between children and teeenagers between Bosnia and France. Enfants de Bosnie contributes to projects that help refugees living in desperate war conditions in central Bosnia (largely victims of Srebrenica) who have been entirely forgotten and/or ignored by the rest of the world.

See in 1998.

It is this practical experience in Bosnia which is behind FemAid- just knowing that you can make things happen !

Carol ,who was behind 'Enfants de Bosnie' did some extensive research in anthropology on the subject of women's resistance during the siege of Sarajevo for the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris (June 2000) and would be pleased to contact scholars on the subject, as she has extended her research into Afghanistan and finished her doctoral dissertation in sociology on the subject of 'Change and Transformation in the lives of Afghan Refugees in Pakistani refugee camps'

You can write to us via email

phone : 00 33 6 10 30 71 05 (this is a French mobile, email is best)

If you want to support the cause of Afghan women, which is also the cause of democracy in our country, please fill out the form and send your donations by draft or Paypal

I want to join FemAid (30 € /$40 or more)……………………………………
I would like more information………………………………..


You can support FemAid by purchasing on this site Afghan and Pakistani crafts

Please bear in mind that the bank extracts no less than 10 $/1$ 12 from each cheque submitted!!!!!!! And even more by bank draft!

You can donate by bank draft in $, Euros or £sterling (see accounts below)

Please make out your cheques (Euros or £ sterling) to

FemAid is a non-profit charity registered under French law, as an 'association Loi 1901'.

Please remit to our FEMAID ASSOCIATION account at Barclays Bank, Paris
183 avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris (France)

For US $: Account n°: 85120070101 USD
Branch code: 61101
Bank code: 30588
Acccount identification: : 30588 61101 85120070101 44 (FEMAID ASSOCIATION)
Swift: BAARCFR.PP 30588 61101 85120070101 44 (FEMAID ASSOCIATION)

IBAN FR76 3058 8611 0185 1200 7080 178

Please don't forget to include your identification + details of the transfer (i.e. donation) when you remit to speed up payment from the French end.

Transfers can also be arranged via

Barclays Bank
212 Wall Street
New York
Tel: 1 212 412 40 00

For € Euro :

BAR CLAYS BANK, PARIS, 183 avenue Daumesnil 75575 Paris Cedex 12 France

Account n°: 85120070801 78

Branch code: 61101

Bank code: 30588

Swift: BAARCFR.PP 30588 61101 85120070801 78 (FEMAID ASSOCIATION)


Account n°: 85120070101 GBP

Branch code: 61101

Bank code: 30588

Clé Rib 44

R.I.B: 30588 61101 85120070101 44 (FEMAID ASSOCIATION)

Swift: BAARCFR.PP 30588 61101 85120070101 44 (FEMAID ASSOCIATION)

IBAN FR76 3058 8611 0185 1200 7080 178






AND NOW IN FRENCH...........V.F.

FEMAID: un bilan

De 1999 à 2005 nous avopns travaillé avecc RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan), la seule association feministe locale œuvrant à l'époque pour une société laïque et démocratique . Depuis, travaillant toujours avec des associations de femmes sur le terrain, nous collaborons avec HOLD et en RDC, diverses assocations féminines Nous nous interessons à tout projet pouvant contribuer à l'amélioration des conditions de vie des femmes .

Pour se faire une idée précise sur notre façon de travailler et l'éthique qui nous anime, prière d'aller lire nos rapports écrits sur place durant nos divers séjours sur place, de 2001 à 2011

FemAid travaillant en Afghanistan après avoir œuvré au Pakistan sur des projets précis comme l’amélioration de conditions dans les écoles, la reconstruction d’un orphelinat, des bourses d’études, ce que vous pourrez découvrir sur notre site. En vue des conditions d'intense misère en Afghanistan et Pakistan, nous avons appuyé d'autres projets établis localement.

Après les événements de septembre 2001, les donateurs se sont montrés généreux. Cet enthousiasme est retombé et a fait que, en 2005, nous sommes réduits à nous concentrer sur des projets plus modestes que nous pouvons assurer sur une période de un an à dix-huit mois. Nous estimons néanmoins que nous avons plus à offrir que de l'argent: un engagement féministe durable, une aide logistique, une analyse extérieure et des liens affectifs qui nous lient à ces jeunes gens exceptionnels ainsi que leurs familles.

Nous avons décidé de privilégier un nombre de projets précis où nous assurons une continuité, plutôt que nous étaler dans ce qui risque d'être mal suivi. C'est ainsi que nous avons des comptes bancaires en Euros, US$ et £ sterling.

Comparée aux ONG plus importantes, notre travail est modeste, mais il est ciblé et efficace.

Depuis 2001 jusqu'à aujourd'hui, FemAid a assuré les projets suivants - certains fonctionnent encore, d'autres se sont arrêtés selon le besoin et la situation particulière. Voici les principaux projets réalisés, présentés succintement en ordre chronologique:

- une aide aux enseignantes en Afghanistan

Nous contribuons aux cours d’alphabétisation pour femmes et jeunes filles en Afghanistan, organisés par RAWA, d’autant plus que le gouvernement actuellement au pouvoir vient d’interdire l’école aux femmes mariées, sous prétexte qu’elles pourraient parler de sexualité à leurs camarades ! Puisque dans les milieux ruraux, les filles sont souvent mariées dès l’âge de 13, une grande partie d’entre-elles (déjà interdites d’école à l’époque des Talibans), se voit privée de toute possibilité d’instruction, en dépit des promesses du monde entier ! La nouvelle génération des femmes “libérées” par Bush et consorts est condamnée à rester largement analphabète, avec des conséquences désastreuses pour l’ensemble de la société.

- une aide familiale aux refugiés

- A partir de la fin 2001, nous avons pris en charge de deux écoles primaires, une dans des bidonvilles à Rawalpindi et l'autre dans un camp de réfugiés géré par RAWA. Des cours d'alphabétisation pour femmes adultes s'y déroulent également.

Nous avons payé les loyers, factures diverses, salaires des enseignants, livres, fournitures scolaires. Ce projet s'est arrêté quand certaines des écoles RAWA ont été fermées et que nos revenus ont baissé, mais partiellement repris au camp de réfugiés de Khewa.

- De 2002 à 2006, l'association soutient un orphelinat mis en place par RAWA à Peshawar pour des enfants et des adolescents Afghans, lancé à l'origine grâce aux dons de la créatrice de mode Stella Mc Cartney (Sitara=stella=étoile)
Après 25 ans d'exil, quelques trois millions de réfugiés sont rentrés du Pakistan et de l'Iran, en dépit des conditions extrêmement difficiles et du danger qui sévissent en Afghanistan, surtout en dehors de Kaboul. L'UNHCR et le Pakistan ont particulièrement poussé ces réfugiés à rentrer, souvent contre leur gré. Il est vrai que les conditions de vie dans le NWFP, la région où est située la majeure partie des camps de réfugiés sont misérables pour tous ses habitants. L'argent des puissances mondiales est destiné à d'extravagants projets militaires, non pas aux pauvres, qu'ils soient Pakistanais ou Afghans. Cependant les Afghans estiment que les conditions sont pries encore en Afghanistan où le danger de violence est réel et le niveau de subsistence est misérable. Ainsi, un recensement de mars 2005 montre qu'il reste encore trois millions de réfugiés au Pakistan et 1,8 millions au NWFP, la région des camps. Ce qui montre que l'existence de réfugié est devenue une option de vie, malheureusement, pour cette population

Il est probable qu'un nombre de ces orphelins rentrera au pays, auprès d'oncles et de tantes dans des villages reculés et d'autres resteront sur place. C'est pourquoi FemAid mis en place une formation professionnelle pemettant l'apprentissage d'un métier et l'accès à une certaine independance: la menuiserie pour les garçons, la couture pour les filles. Cela a été possible grâce à votre générosité. Le premier cycle des cours, de janvier jusqu'à fin août s'est terminé à la fin 2004 et les filles qui sont parties ont emporté une machine à coudre manuelle
En septembre 2005 un autre orphelinat de Peshawar bénéficie du même programme et 'Sitara' aura un professeur d'anglais qui donnera des cours et mettra en place une bilbliothèque pour les enfants.

Nous nous rendons régulièrement sur place pour constater l'évolution des projets et des problèmes qui surgissent immanquablement.

Nous avons acheté des lave-linge, refrigérateurs et TV pour tous les orphelinats et mis en place un budget pour l'achat de jeux et l'organisation de fêtes d'anniversaire régulières dans ces mêmes orphelinats et même une glace hebdomadaire pour chaque enfant!.

Nous avons pris en charge la scolarité de trois jeunes filles chrétiennes à l'école Hatoon-e-Fatima à Islamabad. La communauté chrétienne au Pakistan - hormis les refugiés afghans- est peut-être la plus pauvre du pays. Ces jeunes filles vivent dans l'effrayant bidonville nommé French Colony.

En janvier 2003, nous nous avons apporté une aide médicale à la clinique de RAWA à Quetta (Balouchistan, près de la frontière afghane) et organisé des cours d'hygiène pour les femmes officiant aux accouchements.

Le Pakistan est un pays extrêmement pauvre, et il nous paraissait de plus en plus difficile de concentrer notre aide exclusivement sur les refugiés afghans sur leur territoire tout en ignorant la misère environnante. Nous avons envoyé de l'aide aux enfants (fournitures scolaires, vêtements, médicaments) par l'association NAWA, Northern Areas Women Association, une association pakistanaise œuvrant pour les femmes et les enfants dans la région de Hunza. Un projet analogue a été réalisé dans la région des camps au NWFP avec l'association PARD, où se trouvent des villages ruraux d'une misère comparable à celle rencontrée dans les camps.

Nous avons réalisé une collecte pour l'hôpital Rabia Balkhi, qui comprend une importante maternité: Pour le convoi réalisé en novembre 2003, nous avons été aidées par l'association VISA SANTE qui nous a fourni un matériel médical important. Nous avons également collecté de la layette à travers une action qui a visé les crèches des Yvelynes ainsi que Malakoff. Tout a été livré grâce à notre collaboratrice Dr Malu Hamidi qui a tout distribué tant à l'hôpital qu'à d'autres cliniques et crèches

En 2004, nous avons réfléchi à la construction de la première unité pour Grands Brûlés pour le Pakistan- le feu et l'acide étant utilisés quotidiennement dans des actes de violence contre les femmes. C'est un projet qui nous tient à cœur mais pour le moment n'est pas réalisable pour nous parce qu'il demande un engagement réel et suivi du côté pakistanais. Nous serions heureux de conseiller et collaborer à toute association cherchant à mettre en place ce projet absolument indispensable.

Nous soutenons cinq jeunes afghans pour leur frais de scolarité, en particulier Faridoon, à Peshawar et Najia, Feryal, Salima et Mashkan à Kaboul. Mashkan est aidée en souvenir de notre jeune amie française, Névéna Doppia, décédée brutalement à Caen le 26 février 2005 à l’âge de 15 ans. Névéna aimait la vie, les études et, comme tous les enfants de son âge, détestait l’injustice. Elle aurait pu être une amie de Mashkan si le destin leur avait permis de se croiser.

Nouveau projet à partir d'avril 2005

Après notre retour d'Afghanistan et du Pakistan (voir rapport), nous avons décidé de maintenir certains projets tout en nous concentrant sur le problème de la mortalité maternelle qui est la plus élevée au monde en Afghanistan.
Nous mettons en place des cours de base pour sages-femmes: ce n'est pas une formation professionnelle , mais servira à toutes les femmes qui officient lors d'accouchements dans une société où la vaste majorité d'accouchements ont lieu à domicile. Nous avons déjà mis en place, avec succès, des cours de ce genre à Quetta en 2003. Ainsi, ces femmes pourront repartir chez elle avec un savoir utile qui leur pemettra en outre quelques revenus.

Nous avons reçu des demandes émanant de deux maternités. C'est ainsi qu'au mois de mai, nous avons envoyé du petit matériel chirurgical et médical à la maternité Sbihi à Tizi-Ozou en Kabylie, Algérie et nous espérons amorcer une collaboration avec les sage-femmes. sur place. Pour le mois d'octobre, nous participons à l'envoi de matériel destiné à la maternité de Tuzla en Bosnie, avec l'association JDA Evasion à Limoges. Grâce au Conseil général des Yvelines nous avons obtenu un don important de matériel hospitalier et de matériel chirurgical.

L' EXPOSITION DE PHOTOS DE FEMAID A TORONTO AU CANADA EN SEPTEMBRE 2005, ainsi qu'à Malakoff en 2007 et Fontenay-sous-bois en 2008.

Cette exposition intitulée 'Afghanes' présente des photos de femmes prises au Pakistan et en Afghanistan et peut être louée

rojet pour 2006 et 2007

Pour cette année, nous continuons les actions précédentes et nous ajoutons le projet d'une bibliothèque/CDI dans la ville de Farah, destinée aux adolescents et surtout adolescentes, avec une aire de jeu pour les tout jeunes enfants, une véritable première en Afghanistan Ce projet est établi en coordination avec Malalai Joya, parlementaire afghane dans la région de Farah.

En 2007

Nous avons lancé notre premier projet de développement commémoratif avec la plantation de manguiers dans un village sénégalais à la mémoire de notre amie Anita Feltus

En 2008

Nous avons poursuivi le travail sur la bibliothèque, nous concentrant sur l'ameublement et l'achat des livres, puisque le PRT américain va construire une bibliothèque et un centre civique à Farah.

Nous avons également entrepris une collecte de jouets pour les crèches universitaires de Kaboul et Mazar-e-Sharif, avec l'aide de l'armée française et la Mairie de Malakoff

Désormais, la lutte contre la maternité maternelle fait partie de notre lutte et nos projets (à suivre)

En 2009, en Iran (avril-mai) puis en Afghanistan (novembre).

Le projet de bibliothèque se poursuit. En avril-mai, nous avons acheté des livres pour enfants en langue persane et des jouets à Mashad en Iran et les avons convoyés en Afghanistan.

A cause des réticences de la population locale devant le projet américain de centre civique, nous avons créée un centre pour femmes et enfants à Farah, en collaboration avec l'association afghane HOLD. le centre s'est ouvert au mois de mai et comprend une bilbliothèque, un centre de jeu pour enfants, des cours divers. Pour plus de détails voir la section qui y est consacrée.

Depuis 2010, tout en continuant de soutenir des porjets en Afghanistan, nous travaillons désormais sur des projets au Congo (RDC), en association avec Women in War

Les projets en cours comprennenr

- Cours de self-défense pour jeunes filles à l'Est du DRC, zones où le viol est devenu un fléau.

- Construction d'un WC à l'université de Kisangani

- Débuts d'une bibliothèque sur le thème du genre au département de sociologie à l'université de Kisangani

- Débuts de la mise en place du premier centre en RDC de l'étude du genre à l'université de Kisangani avec le CERESPAN

- Bourses d'études pour étudiantes en genre à l'université de Kisangani

-projets écologiques avec Ecoboyoma

Cliquez sur nos rapports des missions sur le terrain de 2001- 2011 sur le Pakistan, l'Afghanistan, l'Iran et la RDC.

Voir les photos prises du camp de refugiés et l' Orphelinat Sitara


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L' EXPOSITION DE PHOTOS DE FEMAID A TORONTO AU CANADA EN SEPTEMBRE 2005 (et région parsienne en 2007 et 2008) L'exposition est à louer - une version reste au Canada, l'autre en France, alors contactez-nous!

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