An ongoing project since 2001: FemAid supports adolescent girls in the Khatoon-e-Fatima School in Islamabad in Pakistan.

Un projet en cours depuis 2001: le parrainage d'élèves adolescentes à l'école Khatoun -e-Fatima à Islamabad au Pakistan

Project in English (voir plus bas pour la version française)

The Khatoon-e-Fatima School in Islamabad in Pakistan is a unique school in this part of Pakistan. It offers high level co-ed education to boys and girls from age 4 until matriculation at 16. Lessons are in urdu, but the children also learn English. Although a Catholic school run by nuns of the Jesus and Marie order (founded by Claude Thevenet) it is open to Muslims as well as Christians. The 620 children who come to this school all come from the slums of the city (in particular the notorious 'French Colony') and they are brought here by school bus.
For $220 or 180 € a year, you can sponsor a full year's schooling and uniform, compulsory to be admitted into the classroom

We are helping adolescent girls aged between 12 and 15 who are generally removed from the school in order to work, help at home or get married. They urgently need your help.

If you want more information, please send an email:

FemAid's president, Carol Mann, has visited the appaling slums where the Christian community lives. One has to realize that in this Muslim country this community is some kind of equivalent (or left over) from the Untouchable caste of the Hindi society which is why Chrisitans do jobs others would refuse, mainly cleaning and sweeping. Nevertheless, the litteracy rate is much higher here so the school project is all important.
We have sponsored 3 girls Saba Rehmat, who wants to grow up to be a doctor and Rina Michael John who wants to be singer and Christina Daniel who wants to be a teacher. Whether they will achieve their ambitions is naturally quite another matter, as they are likely to be married of at the earliest possibility- just like all girls from the Sub- Continent aged 13 and sometimes under- and therefore lose any possibility of deciding on a career. Only education can give them some claim to autonomy.

If you would like to sponsor a pupil, please fill in the following




I wish to sponsor one pupil for a year for 40 € or $48 a month,480 € ou $576 a year

I want to join FemAid: $36 a year / 30€

: FemAid, 33 rue Guy Moquet 92240 Malakoff France-


Alternately by bank draft or cheque, a more expensive solution as we ask you to pay bank charges please :

FemAid, 33 rue Guy Moquet 92240 Malakoff France

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