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FemAid Photograph Exhibition Toronto September 2005
Une exposition de photographies de FemAid à Toronto en septembre 2005

art can change the world
183 Queen St East
Toronto Ontario
M5A 1S2

One Woman's Wars from Sarajevo to Kabul 1994-2005

Un engagement au féminin de Sarajevo à Kaboul.

This exhibition can be rented in Canada and the US after October Ist ; please contact the ACA gallery and mail

Une version de cette exposition pourra être louée en France, contactez-nous. contact :

little girls learning to cover their faceslittle girls learning to cover their faces

Carol Mann, a mother, a wife, writer, art historian, anthropologist and humanitarian in the frontlines brings her words and images from war- torn Bosnia to Afghanistan via Paris, France where she resides. She is the founder of FemAid, a humanitarian aid organization specializing in aid to women and children, especially in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bosnia.

Carol’s talents are diverse. She has worked as art historian, curator on photography at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris amongst others and also at UNESCO, is currently professor of history of art and anthropology at the Parsons School of Design, researcher on women in war zones from Sarajevo to Afghan refugee camps, author of several studies and novels published in Paris, New York and London.

ACA Gallery was founded in June 2004 by Carol Mark to create an incubator for art and social change.

The gallery represents emerging and established artists. She is involved in humanitarian grassroots projects locally and globally and she has seen first hand how “love in action” can change lives for the better. From establishing a medical clinic in Afghanistan, to performing medical aid in the Yucatan, and helping build communities in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, she recognized everyone has the power to effectively create change. A percentage of art sales are donated to grassroots humanitarian aid projects

FemAid is an unaffiliated, independent, non-profit organization based in Paris which fights for the rights and dignity for Afghan women and children through health and education projects.