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DIY Humanitarian Aid For Enthusiastic Beginners
Giving Your Support

What you can do

There is so much to be done, there is so much everybody can do to improve things in the world. Writing, sending surplus, sponsoring a teacher, consciousness raising in your environment, these are some the tasks you can undertake in a worthwhile manner. And unlike other organizations, we offer direct contact between yourself and the group we choose to help. If you decide to send money,you know that that the totality of the sum gets to those who need it, with no intermediaries. You run your own aid scheme, and we are here to offer advice and guidance.


We will be presenting groups involved in specific actions world-wide and keeping this information on the site. If you feel you can offer something to them, get in touch with them directly, all the more so if you live in the area. Get them to give you precise information about their needs and be precise as to what you can offer.
In any case, just a friendly note of support will make them happy, these groups are often very isolated.
Don’t be surprised if you don’t get an answer straight away. Often the co-ordinators are way doing field work and only get to their computer once a week. It has to be said that in view of the fluctuating political situation world-wide, communications tend to break down, but readers should not be deterred from trying again. Reading the daily paper is the best indication as to whether phone lines work in such places as India, Pakistan, Serbia etc.

Giving your support

All these organizations reflect real women’s causes you can support by writing to them and expressing your concern. Many of these women feel really isolated in their struggle for basic rights, so an email message from you can really make a difference. Just tell them you heard about them from FemAid and let us know if you manage to establish some kind of link-up.
Getting your children involved
You can get your whole family involved in your project . if you are in touch with their teachers, see if you can start a correspondence between the children in your kids'school and those in the place you want to help. If on the other side, they can assure you of a response via mail, email or through the intermediary of a local NGO, you can start a really interesting, interactive project. We have real experience in this domain, so do contact us for advice on this subject.

Sending money

If you decide to send money, get the organization to send you details about a bank account where you can wire money directly. In view of lack of security in the Third World, we advise against sending your credit card number or cheques: wiring is best and always check with the organization first..


In places where the only way to send anything is air-freight, transport may be more expensive than the value of what is being sent.So why not think of a sponsorship scheme for which you could raise money in a creative way.
Teachers could help teachers, kindergartens could sponsor far away kindergartens, a sports team could sponsor another sports team on the other side of the world.We are glad to advise and help.
For an example of sponsorship, see our special projects for women in Afghanistan.

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