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FemAid reports from Pakistan: 2003

FemAid’s work goes on

Sometimes, things are despairing, but meeting such forceful young women determined to change things is always encouraging. And RAWA members (female, but also male) remain enthusiastic. Their male supporters and activists are particularly promising, because they represent a truly liberated alternative ! All of them plan to return to Afghanistan but are aware that the problems in Pakistan are so overwhelming that their presence is indispensable there. Humanitarian agencies nowadays tend to ignore the refugee plight in Pakistan, concentrating what resources they manage to drum up on Afghanistan itself.
We have therefore decided to continue to support the Hewat school, the girls’school in the camp and the Sitara orphanage. We will continue to send medical material to RAWA, NAWA and Afghanistan. We will also attempt to sponsor RAWA teachers in Afghanistan. Sadie who runs the Cornwall branch of FemAid, will continue to send toys, and school supplies.
We will continue to sponsor three girls at the Hatoon-e-Fatima school in Islamabad as we have been for the past two years.

Needless, all of this is impossible without your support, as we do not enjoy any kind of help at all from the French government.
Please send donations in any currency (although Euros are prefered to avoid banks charges) to the following adress:
FEMAID, 115 rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris, France.See our donation page for details on bank transfers.You can also send a donation online via PayPal,using the button located to the right of each page on the site.

In a fund-raising effort, we are selling finest quality pashmina and cashmere shawls,brought in from Pakistan at prices ranging from 25 Euros to 200 Euros (excluding p & p) ;

Please also refer to our previous report on FemAid's mission to Pakistan made earlier the same year:

FemAid 's report on the mission undertaken January 14-24th 2003

In brief: I went to check on the different projects we have been working with RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) all over Pakistan, schools, orphanages and now a clinic for destitute Afghan refugees. And also the pupil sponsorship for the Pakistani school in Islamabad we support… Mainly zooming round the country in ramshackle buses and taxis held together with masking tape, I went to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta and the camps in the area. You know you’re on a Pakistani highway when the donkeys break into a canter…

In Part I: you will find a report on FemAid’s actions.
In Part 2: a rambling report on the complex local situation.