This section is dedicated to the memory of Pierre Billaud (born in 21st May 1970 in Agen France, killed on November 11th 2001 in Taloquan Afghanistan). Cette section est dédiée à la mémoire de Pierre Billaud (né le 21 mai 1970 à Agen, tué à Taloquan, Afghanistan le 11 novembre 2001)

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This Afghan refugee who lives in a mud slum on the highway to Rawalpindi has just giiven birth in RAWA's Malalai hospital: an exceptional occurence, her other eight children were born at home, sometimes without any attendance. Maternal mortality in Afghanistan is the highest in the world. Cette réfugiée afghane qui vit dans un bidonville sur le bord de l'autoroute qui mène à Rawalpindi vient d'accoucher de son neuvième enfant à l'hôpital Malalai géré par RAWA. C'est la première fois qu'elle accouche en milieu hospitalier, fait rare parmi la population réfugiée. Ses autres enfants sont nés chez elle, parfois sans aide, sans eau courante . Comme elle me disait 'J'ai même accouché toute seule, une nuit: mon mari et les enfants dormaient. Qui pouvais-je déranger en pleine nuit pour un problème comme ça ?" La mortalité maternelle en Afghanistan est la plus elévée sur terre.

MEDICAL AID: Convoys and Projects

L' AIDE MEDICALE : Convois et projets: VF plus bas.

Health problems within the Afghan refugee comminity are very high because there is no free medical aid for them anymore, except for some very rare charitable facilities, such as the two RAWA clinics in Rawalpindi and Quetta.

The clinic in Quetta
In January 2003, we brought several crates of medical equipment to a day hospital run by RAWA in Quetta, collected by a small French group Rawa-Octobre which was a short-lived associated created to stage a number of events around RAWA, which (in far-away Baluchistan, next to the Afghan border). It is situated in a slum inhabited mainly by Hazara people. . It is not far from Sima Simar’s clinic, but unlike this clinic well supported by the US, RAWA’s clinic does not charge anything for consultation or medicines
outside a ten rupee registration fee. The clinic caters to women and children of the area and is open from nine am to one pm- there are three hospital beds and also a room where women can give birth, especially as there is a gynaecologist on the premises.
The queue runs all the way into the yard as women wait their turn to be seen by the doctor and then collect their medicines on the way out.

We launched an experimental project about training midwives, that is giving basic hygiene lessons to the women who officiate at births. Because of the lack of the most elementary hygiene, the infant and mother mortality rate in the Afghan population is amongst the highest in the world.. We managed to sustain a course which was greeted enthusiastically, but our partners on this project, RAWA wants to concentrate on their main hospital the Lexapro 40 mg tablet in Rawalpindi which helps a greater number of patients. The cruel lack of funds has forced them to make heart-breaking choices.

Convoys of medical equipment for Afghanistan and Pakistan

This section is dedicated to the memory of French journalist, Pierre Billaud, killed on November 11st 2001 in an ambush by Taliban forces.
Pierre was committed to helping the Afghan population through his work and his family has decided to perpetuate his passionate involvement with the country he loved. His parents and his sister especially have been particularly active in helping to get material for a dual convoy we organized in October 2003. Our other main partner is the French charity 'Visa Santé' which specializes in collecting medical equipment from hospitals.

In both convoys we included a leaflet explaining Pierre's dedication and how happy he would have been to see all the families benefit from this aid: Personalizing aid makes all the difference, to the recipients as much as the donors

The first convoy went to Kabul, directed to the Rabia Balkhi Hospital. It contained all kinds of surgical equipment as well as about 15 boxes of baby clothes.
Our friend Buy zoloft online usa who has worked with the World Bank on projects to help women in Afghanistan, helped us with the distribution of these various goods after surmounting the usual difficulties in the customs.

Another convoy was sent at the same time, half for RAWA and half for NAWA.- we have to admit that customs difficulties in Pakistan are truly appalling, especially in the context of the desperate needs of this country. it may difficult and expensive to send material, but receiving it once over there is even harder, in view of the endless bureaucracy and the potentially equally endless corruption.

On the photographs, you can see Valacyclovir 1 gm coupon from Malalai Hospital for Afghan refugees run by RAWA, including gynecologists receiving some badly needed equipment.

The first-ever Where to buy promethazine syrup in Pakistan

In 2004, we are embarked on a particularly poignant project: helping to set up the first-ever Burns Unit for the Mayo Hospital, a public institution in Lahore, Pakistan. This is particularly important to raise awareness on the predicament of women's lives in that part of the world. Contributing to this all-important project in Pakistan is the first step to making the world a safer place for women all over.

However, today a year and a half later, we have come to the temporary conclusion that a small NGO like ours can not tackle such an enormous project without help feedback and cooperation from a Pakistani organization which is committed to action as well as words. But because of the urgency of the situation, we have decided to leave this section up on our site, in case someone wishes to discuss a project with us.

2005's main project is the launching of a midwife course in the refugee camp we have been active in for the past four years. This should give some basic training to women who attend births in Afghanistan where the maternal mortality is the highest in the world. This course should help returnees, upon returning to their villages, to share their knowledge and generate an income for themselves. The first course will last 6 months and train 60 women and starts in September

Infant and maternal mortality are a priority for FemAid. We have been asked for help by two maternity hospitals, one in Algeria and the other in Bosnia. In May 2005, we are sending m surgical material to a Maternity Hospital in Tizi-Ozou and in October we shall help furnish and equip a maternity ward in Tuzla, catering mainly to the refugee population, with the help of the regional authorities of the Conseil Général des Yvelines


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De l'aide médicale pour les femmes et les enfants afghans

C'est donc au nom de Pierre Billaud que nous avons envoyé deux convois importants d'aide médicale tant au Pakistan qu'en Afghanistan en octobre 2003: chaque carton comportait un petit mot présentant le travail de Pierre et l'engagement de sa famille comme celui de de FemAid, ce qui a permis de personnaliser ce travail. Nous avons envoyé toutes sortes d'instruments médicaux, de stérilisateurs, d'équipement chirurgical, du matériel de centres de protection maternelle et infantile" donnés, entre autres, par l'Association Visa-Santé,en plus de nombreux cartons de layette rassemblée à Malakoff, à la suite d'une collecte mise en place dans les crèches avec l'aide de la mairie. En Afghanistan , la distribution a été assurée grâce à notre amie, le médecin Order orlistat online uk

Une unité pour Grand (e)s Brûlé(e)s au Pakistan,

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