Sitara Orphanage

L'Orphelinat Sitara

This orphanage for Afghan children in Peshawar is sponsored by FemAid

Cet orphelinat est soutenu par FemAid

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a little note: unfortunately the date '1994' appears on some of them-this is because of the automatic date that goes on when there has been a battery problem in the camera, please accept our apologies. The photos were taken between 2002 and 2003

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Sitara's new godmother- sponsor Margaret has launched a great scheme in the US, she is selling cuddly 'Olie loves the World' baby blankets to help the children in the orphanage!

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New sheets/de nouveaux draps


The orphanage supported by FemAid/ l'orphelinat sponsorisé par FemAid


avec les enfants/with the children


Children come from refugee camps, even the street / Les enfants ont été recueillis dans des camps de refugiés, voire dans la rue


Many for the 1st time in their life, enjoy 3 meals a day/

Pour la Ière fois de leur vie, nombre d'enfants mangent à leur faim


Here no child has to go to work/Ici aucun enfant ne travaille dans la rue


Dans la rue, dehors, un enfant travaille en ramassant des ordures dix heures par jour